Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Although Make Beautiful, Dangerous Eyelash

Although Make Beautiful, Dangerous Eyelash Extensions

 - You mean to beautify the appearance, it is possible that dangers do eyelash extensions or connect. Having long eyelashes and tapering may be the desire of the women. However, it is better to think twice if you want to beautify the eyelashes by way of extension.
Doctors warn, eyelash extensions can pose serious health risks, such as infection of the eye due to allergic reactions. In fact, the original eyelashes could be damaged or thin due to fall out.
Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes connect to the original eyelashes. Usually done by women in the salon. As well as hair extensions, connecting it to increase the volume and lengthen lashes with usage period can last up to six weeks. However, doctors Robert Dorin of True and Dorin Medical Group in New York City revealed that the glue used to connect natural eyelashes woman can cause allergic reactions. Some eyelash glue containing formaldehyde is known to cause allergic reactions. Bacteria can develop in situ and can cause fungal or viral infections as well, said Dorin. Eyelash extensions can lead to eye infection due to dirt and bacteria are trapped in it. However, the biggest risk is the lashes fall out and not grow again. Eyelash extensions make the burden heavier eyelids, thus damaging the natural eyelashes.
The use of eyelash extensions aggravating regularly can create pressure on the hair follicles that ultimately make the lashes fall out and not grow back, bright Dorin.
In Japan, when the eyelash extensions are becoming very popular, eye doctor patient increase. Most came to the eye doctor as suffering from an infection after connecting eyelashes. http://www.mastadikara.org/2017/02/manfaat-green-coffee-pelangsing.html

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