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Learning from Those Burning Forest

Learning from Those Burning Forest
 The woods and fields of life sciences, said as he turned news of clove cigarettes. Smoke billowed on his face as his eyes broke through the ceiling of his house. Icebreakers so it flowed like a black coffee poured in small glasses on the porch of his house. Fifty years ago, news of live berpindahpindah from the field to the lad
 medio November silam.Bekerja in the field is certainly not an easy thing. Patience must take precedence, so unfruitful in vain. Especially when you first open fields in hutan.Menurut Riduan, many things that must be understood and addressed. Treatment of the forest and do not be vain. It could be custody (disaster) later, katanya.Tradisi is tightly APID
The forest fires that hit several parts of Indonesia some time ini.Setelah that, out of the wood will be left to dry on the ground. Generally, the opening of the field will let the rest of their harvest up to a month. By doing so, the tree and the leaves had fallen timber will mengering.Selanjutnya then enters the combustion process. L
Forest land has been cleared, menggeges or bulkhead fire /
/ Roots Foundation docks
Limits are made within 1-2 meters. When neme'un, land managers oversee the fire. When the fire spread out and burn scrub land and pohonpohon outside of cultivated land, the land manager juluak tujua penalized. Namely, collecting all the combustion residue into seven piles.
At first glance this ordinance is traditional. But behind this, the 'burning' of this forest to teach wisdom and polite behavior towards the forest. Forests not only be a mere object or limited fields, but also a living space and science for those who are in pedalaman.Kopi runs out, the smoke thinned in the face Riduan. Chat it was closed

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